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Vol. III - Chapter 20

Willow (commonly referred to as Will) is a former partner to Tobias and worked under the Brotherhood of Order .


Will is young woman with a medium chest and long black hair she keeps in a braid most often. She has large brown eyes and short eyelashes, and olive skin. She dresses mainly in her uniform as she works as a nurse in the brotherhood, so she wears a plain shirt and a white lab coat.

She was once praised by a slightly drunken Liddan who told Tobias he had a "beautiful wife", mistaking Will as his wife in his delusional state. She in turn thanked him, not taking much from the comment.

Waru has also commented on her attractive appearance, but she often turns him away without a word wasted, finding only repulsion to him.

Personality Edit

Will is a very modest and simple girl. She is intellectual and wise medically. Remarkably noble, she even apologized at her death bed to Tobias for being incapable of staying alive to the end. She is referred to as the girl the world forgot, as she died a hero, but was never remembered.

As she's a very intelligent person, Will is often excited by her work, and seems at her happiest when working alongside Tobias.

History Edit

Marigold Blooms Edit

Will makes an appearance in Marigold Blooms as a child, where she is found by Tobias in a river turned red by her own blood. Tobias saves her, but when she awakes she cries out for her sister Ellie. Tobias becomes aware that she had been held by the two brotherhood members in the mountain, and was dumped into the river as they presumed her dead. Tobias promises to save Ellie, who is still in the mountain, but tells Will that she owes him.

He arrives at the mountain, greeting the two men and offering them labor in exchange for Ellie's freedom. Tobias is then forced to spend each night for the follow three months at the mountain, properly disposing of corpses the men create. Though this results in some severe psychological damage to Tobias, he manages to work all three months and free Ellie.

As Ellie and Will are reunited, Tobias warns them to leave by sunrise. He then reminds Will of the favor she owes him. The sisters leave Pride to an unknown place.