Team Fairy Tail
Team Fairy Tail
Professional Status

Fairy Tail

Base of Operations

Fairy Tail Building



Professional Status

Nashi Dragneel
Gideon Fullbuster
Jude Dragneel
Esmeralda Scarlet
Xavier Dreyar

Former Members

Sylvie (Fullbuster) Redfox

Team Fairy Tail is the team formed from Fairy Tail for the Grand Magic Games .

Creation Edit

Team Fairy Tail was created several months prior to the start of the Grand Magic Games, originally including Nashi Dragneel, Gideon Fullbuster, Esmeralda Scarlet, Xavier Dreyar, and Sylvie Fullbuster. Elwin Strauss and Layla Dragneel served as reserved members.

However, after Sylvie's sudden pregnancy, she dropped out of the team only a week before the start of the games and the team needed a new member. Laxus, knowing that he couldn't put Layla and Elwin in thanks to an outside mission, took Nashi's suggestion of adding Jude Dragneel onto the team, despite his lack of training.

Preliminaries Edit

Team Fairy Tail participates in the Grand Magic Games' preliminary event, Scavenger Hunt in which they have to be one of the first eight teams to reach the battleground, Domus Fla, after finding three items that fit in with the riddle provided at the start of the games.

  • Team Fairy Tail passes on to the main event in 2nd place.