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Mist Cheney



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12 (debut)

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Right Hand




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Yui Eucliffe

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Sabertooth Building

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Rogue Cheney (Father)
Minerva Orland (Mother)


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Yagdo Rigora

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Vol. III - Chapter 25

Mist Cheney is a mage in Sabertooth and the daughter of Rogue Cheney and Minerva Orland.

Appearance Edit

Mist Full Body

Mist in Grand Magic Games

Mist's appearance is much like her mother's. From her eyebrows to the way she parts her hair, she admires her mother's appearance greatly and does her best to copy it. Her eyes are a deep shade of red, complemented by a small pair of eyebrows. Her hair parts down the middle, and she normally keeps it up in two tight twin buns at the top of her head. Her hair has grown since her first appearance at the end of Vol. III, as the thickness of her buns have increased.

Mist dresses in dark colors, often associated with a goth-like fashion (always involving fishnets). In her first appearance, Mist wore a bralette type blouse that cut out a triangle for her cleavage and had fishnets running down the stomach. She wears a pair of purple shorts and boots, as well as a single glove on her left hand that rises up almost to her shoulder. Her right hand is left uncovered as her purple guildmark is on the back of her hand.

In her second appearance over a year later, Mist's outfit has changed. She dresses in a tunic like style, still dressing in dark purples accented by brown leather and the gauze she wears as a bra. Her fishnets are now leggings, and her single left-handed glove is much shorter, but there is a piece of material at her upper arm.

Personality Edit

The persona Mist presents is so strikingly different from her parents most people would assume she was adopted had she not looked much like her mother. However, this wasn't a bizarre phenomenon, and she was actually raised to be like this. Minerva, having had an abusive father, treated her own daughter with absolute affection, making sure she felt loved by her parents and saw the world in a more positive light compared to her more brooding parents.

Thus, Mist is an absolute optimist, always pleased to meet with her friends and looking on the bright side of situations. While she can go a bit far (as she always sees things in a positive light), many of her close friends appreciate her cheerful persona, finding her a delight to be around as well a supportive friend. She isn't easily angered, and never holds a grudge, though she does hold people accountable for their actions.

Despite always being cheerful, she is capable of understanding when a situation is serious. However, she wasn't always able to easily do this, as when she was younger she didn't want to believe that things could just plain bad. When her best friend, Yui, lost her brother Kris (who had been kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Order), Mist learned that she couldn't always keep a smile on because sometimes a smile isn't what others need. The event drew the two girls closer and made Mist a more mature young woman.