Malcon Profile



Male Male


5 (Debut)

Hair Color

Blue Coat

Eye Color


Professional Status

Fairy Tail

Guild Mark Location





Team Red Curse

Previous Team

Team Dragneel


Liddan Dragneel

Previous Partner(s)

Marigold Pollen

Base of Operations

Fairy Tail Building

Personal Status

Happy (Father)
Carla (Mother)
Psycho (Younger Sister)


Transformation Magic Telepathy


Vol. I - Chapter 1

Malcon is an Exceed born in Earthland from Happy and Carla. He is a member of the Fairy Tail guild and currently a member of Team Red Curse.

Appearance Edit

Malcon is a small blue exceed with bright round black eyes. He does wear a mild amount of clothes, including a small light green jacket or other outfits. His fur is partial grown out and scruffy at the top of his head, making it appear as if he has bangs. When he uses his magic, he is capable of adopting wings and flying.

While Malcon is an exceed, he is capable of transforming into a human much like Lugi. In this form, he appears as a small blue haired boy with cat ears and a tail. However, he is hardly in this form unless he is going "undercover" or just to annoy Marigold, who doesn't like to see the exceeds in this form.

Personality Edit

Malcon is very childish and immature. He enjoys harassing his friends for a laugh, which includes calling Marigold by the name "Boob Woman" or telling her that Liddan is thinking of her breasts, even when he isn't. However, he does care about his friends, and simply teases them so often because he loves them.

His ability to read thoughts is very damaging of Malcon, and makes it difficult for him to be around some people as he can tell what they're thinking at times. His power isn't easily controlled, nor can it reach everyone, but at times Malcon is forced to hear the thoughts of others which can scare or hurt him. For that reason, Malcon can at times be sensitive around others and become frightening as he reads the thoughts of the enemies.

History Edit

Malcon was born in the guild to Carla and Happy, and everyone instantly took a liking to the new exceed infant. Erza took a liking to him so much in fact that she hugged him so tightly he was almost suffocated by her breasts. This ensued a fear of breasts, which would not be resolved until after meeting Marigold.