Lilliana Profile
Lilliana Mitsuko Hashimoto





Female Female



Hair Color

Blue and White

Eye Color

Light Blue

Professional Status

Redmoon Shield

Guild Mark Location

Right Thigh




Team Redmoon Shield

Base of Operations

Redmoon Shield Building

Personal Status



Water Magic


Neptune's Blade
Holy Sword Excalibur

Lilliana Mitsuko Hashimoto is a mage in Redmoon Shield, and apart of Team Redmoon Shield during the Grand Magic Games. She is created by Wattpad user AllisonHelling.

Appearance Edit

Lilliana is of average height with pale skin and a small chest. She has light blue eyes that are slightly darker at the top along and hair that she frequently pulls into twin tails. Her hair is long, silky, with slightly curled ends and is a light turquoise color that gets lighter down at the bottom and reaches just below her waist. She always fastens her bangs back with a blue clip and has two shorter pieces of hair that frame her face.

Lily is lean and athletic looking due to her love of gymnastics and her fighting style, which incorporates lots of acrobatic techniques and dodging instead of blocking.

Lily typically wears a cerulean halter neck dress with an upside-down orange teardrop at the base of its' straps and a silvery-blue ribbon above her waist along with leggings and cerulean flats. She wears a burnt orange-coppery armband on her left bicep and when not in her GMG clothes, usually has a pair of white magic headphones with blue designs around her neck.

Lily's guild mark is sky blue in color and is located on her right thigh, partially covered by her dress.

Personality Edit

Lily is bubbly and rather hyper, she hardly ever sits still and even when she does, she always seems like she's about to jump up, ready for her next adventure. She's usually very cheerful and sometimes can act extremely childish.

Impulsive most of the time, she tends to make decisions based on her heart without bothering to consider the consequences of her actions. She hates bullies and egotists and has a strong sense of justice, if someone is doing something she believes is wrong, she not afraid to speak her mind about it.

Lily is an extreme chocolate fanatic and always has at least one bar of chocolate hidden on her person at all times. She also loves drinking coffee, however, no one lets her have any because when she does she ends up insanely hyper and destructive without even realizing it.

She has a phobia of dark, confined spaces due to a traumatic experience in her childhood and prefers to be in high, open areas where she can see the sky and feel the wind on her face.

Lily can usually be found eating chocolate and trying to get her ships together or just relaxing up on a roof somewhere.

History Edit

Unknown as of now.

Synopsis Edit

Lily hasn't yet appeared in the story.