Katie The Terrible is the author of Fairy Tail: Next Generation. She is a complete loser who takes herself way too seriously but she's super cute and annoyed by how single she is. Her Wattpad user is Katielove2write because she loves to write and isn't that creative when it comes to names.

Early Life Edit

Katie grew up in a non-specified part of the United States, where she lived with her parents and older brother. She was always interested in the arts, be it music, art, and even writing, she could do it and loved it.

As a child, she would sing in her church's choir as well as the choir at her school, known for being very loud and kinda good. Eventually, she actually became a good singer, but lost interest in joining choir throughout middle school and instead played the flute in the school's band. She was last chair, and her self-esteem was destroyed. She rejoined the choir in high school and actually enjoyed it.

While Katie was always kinda good at art, she didn't actively practice art until she was in 8th grade after discovering Youtuber Mark Crilley who made easy to follow art tutorials. Katie casually practiced art for the next few years until she took her first art class in her sophomore year of high school. She quickly took a liking to it and advanced in her skill. She went on to take a painting class and then join AP Studio Art with much more advanced skill than before. She is now attending an art school, so that's her life now.

Now for the writing thing. Well, Katie was never known as a writer growing up. She would scribble down story ideas but never actually take the time to finish or develop them. It wasn't until she started her fanfiction for Fairy Tail did she find the motivation to continue writing, as she now had an audience for her story.