Jude Profile
Jude Dragneel

Half Demon


Male Male


9 (Debut)
12 (Volume IV)


August 20, X807

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Fairy Tail

Guild Mark Location

Left Hand




Team Storm Slayer
Team Fairy Tail


Molly Rose
Rowen Conbolt

Previous Partner(s)

Gillian Alberona

Base of Operations

Fairy Tail Building

Personal Status



Natsu Dragneel (Father)
Lucy Dragneel (Mother)
Nashi Dragneel (Older Sister)
Liddan Dragneel (Older Brother)
Layla Dragneel(Older Sister)
Mavis Dragneel (Younger Sister)
Igneel Dragneel (Younger Brother)
Luna Dragneel (Younger Sister)


Fire Dragon Slayer


Vol. I - Chapter 9

Jude Dragneel is a mage of Fairy Tail, and a member of Team Storm Slayers. He is the son of Natsu and Lucy Dragneel.

Appearance Edit

Jude is a young boy with blonde hair and green eyes. His hair is spiky like his fathers, and often not well kept. He dresses plainly, often in t-shirts and shorts during the summer, and he dons a pair of sandals like his father. His guild mark is blue and on his right hand, like his mother.

While Jude maintained a healthy body type and average size, after training with Nashi in the time-warped facility, he gained a lot of muscle and even grew a few inches. However, the sudden change was shocking to the others in the guild, as what was three months for him was just a week for them.

During his time in the Grand Magic Games, Jude dresses in a blue sleeveless shirt with brown slacks and a belt. He also wears Natsu's scarf around his neck, as he won the item in the preliminary event of the games by fighting Natsu head on.

He keeps the style in the future, as he is seen as an adult dressing the same way, now with a blue bandanna on his head.

Personality Edit

While Jude at first is portrayed as an annoying and rowdy younger sibling, he is shown to be far more sensitive than that. His obnoxious behavior is simply due to lack of attention from his older siblings, who he really looks up to.

Jude struggled making friends, and had a limited option of kids his age in the guild, except for Rowen and Gillian, who were both uninterested in him as a friend due to his rowdy behavior. However, after Molly joined the guild, the two quickly latched onto one another, and Jude stopped behaving in such an obnoxious way, and let himself relax and be himself around Molly.

In reality, Jude is a smart and sensitive young boy that has everyone's interest in mind. He's protective of Molly, as she is his precious friend, but also of his family's name. He wants nothing more than to make his family proud of him, especially Liddan.