The Grand Magic Games in X819, like every other year, were held in Crocus, Fiore inside the Domus Flau.

Participants Edit

Initially, many teams took part in the tournament, but after the Preliminary Event, the number of teams participating decreased to only 8. After Raven Tail's disqualification, Fairy Tail was forced to combine their two teams into one, thus reducing the participating teams to 6.

Event OrganizersEdit

Referee & Mascot The preliminaries and the main games are announced by Mato, who wears a giant pumpkin as his head. Mato wears a striped red and white shirt with a dark green cape. He also wears a pair of black trousers, navy blue boots, white gloves and a green wizard's hat. Mato appears to have a cheerful and happy personality, however it is discovered that Mato has a darker hidden side when he announces that no responsibilities will be taken for any deaths in the preliminary round. Mato is later revealed to be the king, Toma E. Fiore, underneath the costume.

Main EventsEdit

The Grand Magic Games' announcer is Chapati Lola, with Yajima, a former member of the Council, as the main commentator. In the first day, Jenny Realight, a member of Blue Pegasus Guild and also Miss Fiore, is the guest commentator for the battles and events. Chapati gives the audience general information about the games and the participants, while Yajima gives his opinions about them. In the second day of the games, Jason, a reporter from the Sorcerer Magazine, was chosen to be the second day's guest, saying "cool" to everything that he sees, and since Mato had the day off, Chapati also acted as referee. In the third day, the Magic Council's official, Lahar, serves as the guest. The fourth day's guest is Rabian from the theater group. For the fifth and final day of the Games, the guest is Mato. 

Preliminary EventEdit

In X819, the preliminary even consisted of a scavenger hunt where all the competing teams had to hunt down the objects described in a riddle then race to the arena. The first eight teams with the correct items to reach the arena could participate in the games.

Battles/Results Edit

Team Members Reserve Status
Deadly Sins symbol

Eleanor Profile Adelia Profile Reo Profile 70px 70px

Fairy Tail symbol

Nashi Profile Gideon Profile 2 Jude Profile Ezmeralda Profile Xavier Profile

Layla ProfileElwin Profile Active
Howl Caedo

Liz Profile Frost Profile Fidi Profile Othello Profile Cinder Profile

Mermaid Heels symbol

Dina Profile Tsukudani Profile Myla Profile Akumi Profile Simie Profile

Carmen Profile Active
Sabertooth mark

Kris Profile Yui Profile Mist Profile Kordi Profile Nathan Profile

Lamia scale

Macyn Profile Ronan Profile Toni Profile Cheli Profile Garrett Profile

Blue pegasus symbol

Regina Profile Sakura Profile 70px Ellia Profile Ichiro Profile

Redmoon Shield Symbol

Cali Profile Ema Profile Ace Profile Lilliana Profile Keith Profile

Guild Team Result Position
Deadly Sins symbol Team Deadly Sins Passed 1st
Fairy Tail symbol Team Fairy Tail Passed 2nd
Howl Caedo Team Howl Caedo Passed 3rd
Mermaid Heels symbol Team Mermaid Heel Passed 4th
Sabertooth mark Team Sabertooth Passed 5th
Lamia scale Team Lamia Scale Passed 6th
Blue pegasus symbol Team Blue Pegasus Passed 7th
Redmoon Shield Symbol Team Redmoon Shield Passed 8th


The tournament will be divided into 5 days, with two events held each day, one battle and one surprise event. For the surprise event, each team will receive an amount of points based on their position in the end of it:

  • 1st: 10 points
  • 2nd: 8 points
  • 3rd: 6 points
  • 4th: 4 points
  • 5th: 3 points
  • 6th: 2 points
  • 7th: 1 points
  • 8th: 0 points

For the battles, the winning team gets 10 points and the loser won't get any; if the fight ends up in a draw, both teams get 5 points.

The battles will be decided by the organizers based on the fans' votes (however, some battles are arranged according to the Fiore's King's desires) and will be set up like so:

  • Team A vs Team B
  • Team C vs Team D
  • Team E vs Team F
  • Team G vs Team H

The arena is the entire battlefield and the winner is decided when the opponent is rendered incapable of fighting within the thirty-minute time limit.

First DayEdit

"The Floor's Lava"Edit

The first day's event is "The Floor's Lava" in which the participants are:

Participants are left at an equal distance from the arena about the city of Crocus. They must return to the arena without touching the ground by using rooftops and platforms that float in the air.

  • If a competitor hits the ground, they are disqualified from the match, earning no points.
  • The platforms in the air have a limited use. After being stepped on for a second time, the platform will flash white and disappear in a moment.


Guild Competitor Position
Howl Caedo Cinder 1st
Deadly Sins symbol Eleanor 2nd
Redmoon Shield Symbol Lilliana Mitsuko Hashimoto 3rd
Sabertoth mark Yui Eucliffe 4th
Mermaid Heels symbol Akumi Black 5th
Lamia scale Toni Wakabi 6th
Fairy Tail symbol Jude Dragneel 7th
Blue pegasus symbol Sakura Akatsuki 8th

First Day ResultsEdit

Guild Team Points
Team Howl Caedo 20
Team Deadly Sins 18
Fairy Tail symbol Team Fairy Tail 11
Blue pegasus symbol Team Blue Pegasus 10
Team Redmoon Shield 6
Sabertoth mark Team Sabertooth 4
Mermaid Heels symbol Team Mermaid Heel 3
Lamia scale Team Lamia Scale 2
  • Due to damage sustained from the fourth battle, Mist Cheney of Team Sabertooth, is unable to participate in the remainder of the Games and will be replaced by the second day.

Day 2 Edit

"Rubix Maze" Edit

The second day's event is "Rubix Maze" in which the participants are: