The Grand Magic Games is an annual competition held to determine the strongest guild in Fiore.


An event held in Fiore, where participating guilds compete for the title of being the strongest Magic guild in all of Fiore. Additionally, the winning guild gets a 30,000,000 prize.


At some point in time, the Grand Magic Games were once called The Dragon King Festival, which was a banquet of Dragons, humans and Demons.


  • Only five members of each Guild can compete in the games.
    • In X791, a new rule was created, that stated that each Guild could have two teams enter into the tournament, and as a result, up to ten members of each guild can compete in the games.
    • The members of a guilds team can be replaced by reserve members if necessary.
  • Guild Masters cannot participate.
  • Anyone without the Guild's insignia cannot participate.
  • Each event will remain a secret up until right before they begin, at which point the rules will be explained.
  • All participants must return to the lodgings by 12:00 midnight.
  • Victory is based on who can dominate across several different kinds of competition.


The competition is held in a large arena called the Domus Flau, which is located on the west mountains in the capital of Fiore, Crocus. It has chains from four different corners that attach it to the ground. Above each chain, there is a statue of a person with a staff that extends inside the arena.

X791 TournamentEdit

In the Grand Magic Games tournament of the year X791, 113 teams participated. Of these, 105 teams were knocked out in a preliminary round, leaving eight teams to compete in the main events. The winner was Fairy Tail.

X792 TournamentEdit

In the Grand Magic Games tournament of the year X792, while the amount of participating guilds is unknown, it is known that previous favorites such as Sabertooth, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, Blue Pegasus, Quatro Cerberus, and Fairy Tail did not participate, the latter due to the guild being disbanded. The winner was Scarmiglione.