Mage who lived over four hundred years ago.[2] She was a member of the Heartfilia clan, and is considered by Aquarius to be an amazing Celestial Spirit Mage.[1]



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Chapter 465 (flashback


Anna's full appearance

400 years ago, Anna was a young woman with a shapely hourglass figure. She tied her lengthy hair back in a ponytail and had side-swept bangs in front, with two strands of hair draped down the sides of her head. Anna was dressed in elegant robes with a high-collared cloak. She wore a keyhole blouse and a long dress. Overall, she greatly resembles her descendants, Layla and Lucy Heartfilia, who inherited her general figure many generations later.[1]


Zeref described Anna as a kindhearted person, who was especially gifted at taking care of others. When knitting a scarf for Natsu Dragneel, Anna is seen smiling cheerfully implying that she enjoys doing favors for other people.[3]



Anna talks to Zeref about their plan

Anna was a Celestial Spirit Mage responsible for opening the Eclipse Gatefour hundred years prior to X777, as a part of a planthat was devised by the pacifist Dragons and Anna's clan to defeat Acnologia: send the Dragon Slayers with their foster parents sealedinside them to a period of time that was rich in Ethernano so that their souls, which were maimed by Acnologia's Dragon Slayer Magic, could properly heal. This coincided with Zeref's initial plan to have Natsu become powerful enough to destroy him.[4]

However, because Anna opened the Eclipse Gate in the past, someone from the Heartfilia family would need to tend to its opening at the specified date of exit. With every successive generation of Celestial Spirit Mage after Anna, the family waited for the time that the Dragon Slayers were to purportedly arrive through the Gate until Layla Heartfilia's time arrived, during which she successfully completed the four hundred year plan.[5]

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